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Sofmobile Teleport for Jira provides two useful functionalities:

♦ the ability to pause the issue at any status of the workflow
♦ the ability to move the issue to any status unconditionally

1. Teleport functionality - move an issue to any status unconditionally

Unconditional transition between statuses gives the freedom of moving the issue from the begging to the end of the workflow in one step, but this is not the power of that tool. In order to obtain maximum benefits under Teleport functionality follow these principles:

- Be aware setting the Teleport permissions - limit the amount of users who will be able to use the Teleport.

- Be careful choosing the status to teleport to - if the workflow includes Hold and Resume statuses, do not use them as a status to be moved on. They are part of inner flow and may cause a confusion.

- Teleport functionality is a manager's helping tool - do not use it instead of the main workflow transitions.

2. Hold/Resume functionality - pause an issue at any status

This functionality allows the user to pause an issue at any status of the workflow, perform some additional activities if needed, and resume to the initial point. In order to obtain maximum benefits under Hold/Resume functionality follow these principles:

- Be precise creating the workflow of the project - add Hold and Resume buttons and transition, add Sofmobile functions and conditions - check Hold - Resume functionality.

- If the Hold-Resume sub-flow contains more than basic (Hold and Resume) statuses and transitions, assure that they do not have transitions to the other statuses of main workflow.

- In a workflow that contains more than one Hold-Resume sub-flows, any of the transitions that contains a resume post-function will bring the issue to the status preceding the firstly stepped Hold-Resume sub-flow.   

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