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Sofmobile Teleport for Jira offers two major functionalities - the ability to move the issue to any status unconditionally (a.k.a Teleport) and the ability to pause the issue at any status of the workflow and consecutively resumed (a.k.a Hold-Resume). Each of them gives you an useful tool for movement through the workflow statuses, but both together empowers you to have a full control over the workflow.   

Proper configuration is the warrant for seamless performance, so in the next two section we will explain you the configurations of the Teleport and Hold-Resume functionality.

Teleport functionality

1. Teleport Permissions Configuration

  1. Create a new Teleport Project Permissions Configuration;
  2. Edit Teleport Project Permissions Configuration;
  3. Delete a Teleport Project Permissions Configuration:

2. How to use

Hold-Resume functionality

1. Configure the workflow adding Hold-Resume sub-flow

  1. Add Hold-Resume sub-flow to your project workflow.
  2. Allow all statuses to transition to HOLD status.
  3. Create new transition in between the HOLD and RESUME statuses.
  4. Use the full potential of Hold-Resume functionality and add more statuses /actions/ in their sub-flow.

2. How to use

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