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Sofmobile Teleport for Jira

The Sofmobile Teleport for Jira application is compatible with Jira version 7.13 up to the latest Jira version, currently 8.13.

Version history

Version 1.2.03 Released 2020-12-18 Supported By Sofmobile
Sofmobile-Teleport-1.2.03-Release Notes

  • Minor issue fixes

Version 1.2.01 Released 2020-12-01 Supported By Sofmobile
Sofmobile-Teleport-1.2.01-Release Notes

  • Teleport is compatible with Data Center

Version 1.1.05 Released 2020-11-19 Supported By Sofmobile
Sofmobile-Teleport-1.1.05-Release Notes

  • Minor issue fix

Version 1.1.04 Released 2020-11-18 Supported By Sofmobile
Sofmobile-Teleport-1.1.04-Release Notes

  • License issue fix
  • User authentication loophole fix

Version 1.1.02 Released 2020-10-12 Supported By Sofmobile
Sofmobile-Teleport-1.1.02-Release Notes

  • Teleport clear error issue fix
  • Minor post functions visualization fixes
Version 1.1.01 Released 2020-09-18 Supported By Sofmobile
Sofmobile-Teleport-1.1.01-Release Notes
  • Teleport pop-up workflow view screen fix
  • Deprecated methods update

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