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Teleport Permissions Configuration

Teleport is a tool that make possible going back to previous step and free movement between statuses in the issue. It is useful in any project workflow, but you can experience its benefits to the fullest in projects with multilevel or highly hierarchical teams, where all participants access the same workflow, but only few of them have the privilege to finalize a process or interrupt it by overriding any transition steps.

This section is intended to allow users, groups and special functions (such as reporter, assignee, etc..) to be given an access to Teleport functionality in general. Not everyone should have the ultimate power to jump the issue status so this need to be tightly controlled and configured who can do what. Once configured, the selected eligible users will have the button .

How to configure Teleport Permissions

In order to start using Teleport you should first select the project and users who will have access to teleport functionality for the selected project. For all of the following procedures, you must be logged in as a user with Administrative permissions.

 - Enter the Administration panel and choose Manage apps

 - From the Navigation Panel select Teleport and then Permissions tab.

This section stores all the information about the Teleport Projects Permissions Configuration. When you enter this section for the first time, the list of Configured Teleport Projects will be empty.

You can find video instructions below.

To create a new Teleport Project Permissions Configuration follow these steps:

- Click Create new permission at the right-hand side of the page as shown in the video

- Select a Project to configure. 

- Select Users, Groups, functional roles /assignee, reporter, project lead/ or other Custom field role.

- Save the configuration.

The Project Configuration has been added to the list of Configured Teleport Projects. You can see the configuration details by hovering over the name of the project into the list.

To edit Teleport Project Permissions Configuration:

- Click Edit next to the Project name in the list of Teleport Project Permission Configuration. 

- Add, remove or change already configured Users, Groups, functional roles /assignee, reporter, project lead/ or other Custom field role.

- Save the configuration.

To delete a Teleport Project Permissions Configuration:

- Click delete next to the name of the project and confirm the deletion.

- Teleport Project Permissions Configuration will disappear from the Teleport Projects Permissions List.


Easy-to-follow Teleport Permission Configuration configuration guide. For HQ video please click here.

NB! Remember that Teleport is a helping tool. Do not use it instead of main workflow transitions!

How to use

Once Teleport Project Permissions have been set, all users that have been granted access will see the  button in the command bar of the issue next to the transitions. So, lets try to Teleport:

  • Open an issue which has a Teleport functionality enabled configuration and check the command bar.

Users with Teleport Permissions will see an additional button .

  • Click and choose the status from the menu which you wish to teleport to.
  • If you need to check the workflow configuration click on View Workflow link.
  • Click Confirm to proceed. (Example)

  • Now the issue has been moved to the selected status and the history of the issue has been updated as shown on the screenshot.

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